• Does this training fulfill PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR compliance requirements?

    No. SecurityMetrics Academy aims to help provide business leaders with an overview of data security, and does NOT fulfill compliance requirements.

  • How long are your trainings?

    Most trainings vary between 30-40 minutes; however, Data Security 101 is about 3 hours in total length.

  • Am I required to sign up for SecurityMetrics Academy?

    No. SecurityMetrics Academy helps support your understanding of general data security and is not a requirement.

Avoid a data breach

Discover what's needed to run your business securely.

SecurityMetrics Academy was designed to help small businesses understand the fundamentals of data security in a simple way. IT managers, business owners, and managerial staff are encouraged to take the courses.
Avoid a data breach

Strengthen Your Employees

Your employees can be your weakest link.

When it comes to data security, many businesses tend to think of things like locks, firewalls, and the latest technology to protect their sensitive data. But they often overlook their biggest vulnerability: employees. SecurityMetrics Academy keeps this in mind and teaches how to develop a security culture that consistently avoids getting breached.
Strengthen Your Employees

Grow Your Business

Let data security become a strength

Using the fundamentals from our courses, your organization can turn security into a strength, using it as a way to grow your business.
Grow Your Business

Protect Your Business

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